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Before and Beyond the Bell (Morning or Afternoon Care Program)

Space is limited due to ratio/space restrictions and is based upon receipt date of a completed form for of the 2022-2023 school year. Currently, our capacity is set at (100) students.

At this time Beyond the Bell capacity limits must be followed and we will only be able to accept (100) students. We apologize for the inconvenience. This will be determined by receipt of a completed registration form through our online registration process.

**COVID-19 mitigation measures are currently in place with the BTB programs**

Mitigation measure may include wearing full face masks; regularly reminders of personal hygiene (wash hands and use hand sanitizer), using appropriate cough/sneeze etiquette, spaces sanitized frequently, and social distancing if conditions warrant increased measures in the future.

SGGS offers parents a before and after childcare program entitled Before/Beyond the Bell. The program is offered to parents at an additional fee billed monthly or on an as- needed (drop-in) basis. Students are provided with homework assistance, a nutritious snack, and supervised recess.

The hours of the before school program are Monday through Friday, 6:30 to 7:30 AM and the after-school program, 2:45 – 6:00 PM, (Noon– 6 PM on Noon Release Days, and 1:30 – 6 PM on Early Release Days). The program is held in the school Dining Hall (Immaculata Hall). Additional classrooms may be used in Guardian Angel Hall and Vianney Hall as warranted.

Any student that is not picked up from school by 3:00 PM will be taken to the after- school program until a parent or guardian arrives. Parents/Guardians of these students will be billed as drop-ins if the student remains after 3:00 PM.

Students participating in various after school activities must remain with the teacher or moderator until that activity is completed and the parent/guardian picks them up. No student may remain unaccompanied by an adult. For after school activities that do not begin directly after school, students enrolled in Beyond the Bell program must sign in and attend the program until they are picked up by the activity teacher or moderator.

All students attending after-school activities must report to the Beyond the Bell program if a parent cannot pick them up after the activity is over and it is before 6:00 PM. No student can be signed out to anyone without proper identification.

Before the Bell—SGGS offers Before the Bell (morning) childcare from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM. For questions regarding Before the Bell please contact school main office.

Beyond the Bell— SGGS offers Beyond the Bell (afternoon) childcare from 2:45PM to 6PM. For questions regarding Beyond the Bell please contact the school main office.

BTB Program Fee/Costs: (All charges will be billed through the FACTS/SIS system).

Application Fee— A $30.00 program application fee will be billed to your FACTS SIS account when enrolling in the BTB each year.

Morning—The cost associated with the BTB program (morning only) for each family is set as $8.00 for each child.

Afternoon—The cost associated with the BTB Program (afternoon only) is set as follows:

(The basic rate of $10 per child per hour is used to calculate the charges for the BTB afternoon program. We recognize that the cost for quality childcare over a months’ time can be a significant cost. Therefore, SGGS follows a cost cap as noted below for the 2022-2023 school year for those students enrolled in the BTB afternoon everyday program).

BTB afternoon as needed/drop-in students

$10.00 per hour for one child;
$13.50 per hour for (2) children;
$15.50 per hour for (3) children;
$17.50 per hour for (4) or more children;

BTB afternoon everyday (maximum cap per family)

1 child = $240.00 per month for one child; 2 children = $190.00 per month per child; 3 children = $150.00 per month per child; 4 children = $130.00 per month per child.

Students who are not picked-up by 6PM an additional charge of $2 per minute over the BTB closing time will be assessed.

Register here: BEYOND THE BELL 2022-23


We are pleased to announce that we are continuing our Transportation Services for SGGS this upcoming school year. This is a fee-based, limited location transportation service, and we are limited to 14 riders at a time.  Preference will be given to families who register for round trip service. Services are tentatively planned for the following areas. Final locations may be adjusted depending on the number of riders registered for this service:

Chesapeake—Greenbrier Mall area

Virginia Beach— Pleasure House Rd. area

Registration is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED as evidenced by the completion time recorded on the receipt of the registration form.

Monthly student/family rates

**Round Trip: $150 per student per month $260 total for 2 children $360 total for 3 children

One way:

$450 total for 4+children $100 per student per month $170 total for 2 children $230 total for 3 children $280 total for 4+ children

COVID 19 Safety Mitigation Measures. Currently, mitigation measures have been reduced due to low positivity rates in our area. Mitigation measures will be adjusted based upon increased positivity rates and/or requirements directed by appropriate government/state, diocesan, and/or school officials.

Morning Pick-Up – Parents will await the SGGS Bus
Pick Up in the Chesapeake location 6:20 am Prompt Pick-Up near/at Greenbrier Mall, Chesapeake Van arrives at SGGS at approximately 7:00am. Children attend the Before the Bell program (BTB fee is included in the van fee).

Pick Up Virginia Beach location 7:10 am near/at Pleasure House Rd, Virginia Beach

Afternoon Drop-Off – Parents must be waiting at the drop off location.

Drop Off Location Chesapeake location Leave SGGS at 2:50 pm. Arrive at Greenbrier Mall area at approximately 3:10 pm.

Drop Off Location Virginia Beach location Students will attend Beyond the Bell from 2:45- 3:30pm (BTB fee is included in the van fee). Leave SGGS at 3:40 pm. Arrive at Pleasure House Rd. area at approximately 4:00 pm.

Students that are brought to school from Chesapeake in the morning and wait at school before being brought to Virginia Beach after school will spend the time at school with Before the Bell and Beyond the Bell. There is no additional charge for the BTB service.

We ask that any family using this service understands that this bus service may be suspended temporarily or permanently as a result of unscheduled events/unforeseen circumstances. This bus service is a privilege and should not be viewed a guaranteed right. The transportation of students to school when bus service is not available is a parent/family responsibility.

Registration requires the completion of an electronic transportation form as well as a $100 deposit per family. Upon completion of the form and your authorization, your FACTS account will be charged $100 on July 1, 2022.

Click here to register.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dahl, assistant principal at

If interested please view additional information and the registration link in the BUS INFORMATION 22-23 document.  Registration will close on June 20th so please register as soon as possible if interested in this service.  

Beyond the Bell Policies and Procedures