Beyond the Bell Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures 2020-21 School Year

**COVID-19 mitigation measures are currently in place with the BTB programs. **

Mitigation measures may include wearing full-face masks; regular reminders of personal hygiene (wash hands and use hand sanitizer), using appropriate cough/sneeze etiquette, spaces sanitized frequently, and social distancing if conditions warrant increased measures in the future. 

At this time Beyond the Bell is at capacity and no longer accepting new students. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


JK and KindergartenGrade 1-8
2:35pmSign-in and Snack————————–
2:50pmBathroom/HandwashingSign-in and Snack
3:05pmOutdoor ActivityHomework
3:50pmIndoor ActivityRecess
5:00pmOrganized/Free PlayOrganized/Free Play 
6:00PMProgram end timeProgram end time

Note: If your child enrolls in any after school activity, please send a signed note explaining the activity and the days your child will attend (Example: soccer, Art Club, SCA, etc.) 

Student Conduct and Responsibilities

  • Students are expected to respect staff members and peers at all times.
  • If a student’s behavior becomes an issue, privileges within BTB will be taken away.
  • If a student’s behavior is extremely inappropriate or endangering others, parents may be called and asked to pick up their child. 
  • If repeated inappropriate student behavior occurs, the student’s participation in BTB may be suspended or dismissed.
  • Students have allocated time, Monday-Thursday for them to complete their homework assignments. All are encouraged to remain quiet and read silently if they conclude their homework.

Personal Items and Electronics:

  • Students are responsible for their personal belongings. 
  • Electronics are prohibited unless they are school issued and used only for educational purposes. If a staff member observes a student abusing electronics, such as using facetime, video recording themselves and others, and/or viewing inappropriate non educational websites, the student device will be confiscated and returned to a parent during pick-up/dismissal. 
  • Cell phones must be turned off and kept in student’s backpacks. If you need to get in touch with your child, please call the Beyond the Bell phone. (757)-692-0901.  
  • Play clothes are not permitted, the school uniform is the appropriate clothing item as it provides quick identification of student.
  • During seasonal changes in weather outdoor activities require students to have a jacket, hat, and/or scarf during cold months. Likewise, students are encouraged to remove sweaters/sweatshirts during warmer seasonal months.  We kindly ask that all student items have their names written into the label tag to assist with returning items at the end of the day.


  • A snack is provided each day for students in the BTB. Due to several severe peanut allergies, please do not send students with snacks that may contain it. NO SHARING of snacks among students is permitted.
  • On early dismissal days, parents are responsible for providing a bag lunch. No drinks will be provided. Students should bring fillable, manageable water bottles. 


  • An authorized adult which each family identified during the registration/application must pick up the students. A photo ID may be required for proper identification during pick-up/dismissal.
  • Please be advised when a child is picked up, showing identification and signing the child out in the check-out book are required. No child will be released to anyone without proper identification and signature of an authorized person.
  • Under no circumstances will a child be released to anyone who has not been authorized in writing by the parent/guardian. 

Additional Beyond the Bell Reminders

  • Pick up after 6:00PM is billed at $2.00 per minute. Time will be logged and submitted to the Business Office for billing through the FACTS/SIS Management accounts. After the second late pickup, Beyond the Bell accommodations will be terminated. 
  • The program will operate from the time school is dismissed until 6:00 p.m. Please check the school calendar for days that BTB is closed. 
  • Parent of student’s requiring specific medical accommodations must provide that information through the school nurse. If changes are made to medical accommodations, parents are required to immediately inform the School Nurse and the Beyond the Bell Director.
  • Students who are absent from school or are sent home during the school day, are not permitted to attend Beyond the Bell.
  • Once students are signed out of BTB, they are no longer under the care and supervision of staff members.
  • The playground and fields are reserved solely for BTB students during after school operations. We kindly ask that once your child is picked up that they not return to the playground/fields.