Special Needs Navigation at SGGS

SGGS is proud to be able to offer assistance with learner support as well as emotional support where needed. Meet our team!

IEPs and 504 Plans are accepted and reviewed upon application or when necessary.

Ms. Kelly Fogarty is our Special Education teacher. She not only works in the classroom with students but also on a pull out basis when needed.

Mrs. Mary Napolitano supports our students with both push in and pull out learner support services. She has been a dedicated member of our faculty for numerous years and we are blessed to have her!

Ms. Sheila Garguilo is new to SGGS and also serves as a learner support member. Ms. Garguilo works directly with students in the classroom as well as more individualized or small group work in a pullout setting.

Mrs. Kyra Kruger is the SGGS Counselor. Her office is located in Vianney Hall with our middles school students but she is available to all students on campus. An added bonus is that Mrs. Kyra also comes with two therapy dogs, Kovi and JoVale! These two fuzzy friends are here for a needed hug or just a visit!