Support our Saints

Saint Gregory the Great Catholic School community has a heart for charity. Everytime there is a need, our staff, faculty, students, and families are there to help. Whether is the parish food pantry or a natural disaster in another part of the world, our community finds a way to help. And our donors also give charitably to SGGS for the love of our school, our mission and the students who grace our hallways and classrooms.

SGGS is the largest Catholic school in the Diocese of Richmond. Even with support from the Diocese and our parish, we rely heavily on fundraising to operate the school, Although tuition covers a part of the cost of educating a student here at SGGS, it does not cover it all. We keep tuition affordable to allow us to retain our enrollment and allow for a diverse student community.

Through decades, the donors to SGGS have been incredibly generous with their charity to our school. In addition to providing the additional support needed to operate the school, they have also enabled many capital improvements, funded academic enhancements, and provided financial assistance to generations of deserving students. Every benefactor of our school is prayed for by our school community every day during morning prayers. We are blessed here at SGGS with benefactors that give so much and we are deeply grateful to them.

No matter how you decide to support the school, your help will have an impact. No matter the size of your donation, your gift will have an impact. All that you do ensures the legacy of the education from SGGS. It allows us to achieve our vision of teaching the future leaders of our church, community, and world, through the full formation of their whole person. When students leave here, they Lead Like a Saint.

We thank you for your continued charity and generosity to our beloved school. We invite you with open arms to come visit and see all the amazing things that your support provides at SGGS!