Saints Appeal

As is the case with many Catholic Schools, tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating a student. The full cost to operate the school exceeds the tuition that is paid. The imbalance exists because SGGS is committed to remaining affordable for our families. We are blessed to receive support from the Diocese of Richmond, our parish, and many fundraising events. However, even after all of this, a gap still exists. We rely on the generous stewardship of donors to provide the additional resources required to continue to be Saint Gregory the GREAT Catholic School. All the help that is given through the Saints Appeal directly helps SGGS students.

Of all the years, this is one of the most difficult years to run this campaign as we know the pandemic has created challenges and hardships for many. Although we have been blessed to be able to open our doors and educate students in-person, SGGS was not able to escape from the challenges and hardships that COVID created. In order to open safely, we capped our capacity and implemented safety and health protocols that incurred unbudgeted expenditures. The gap that existed between tuition and the true cost to educate and care for a student at SGGS is larger than ever. The Saints Appeal helps close this gap. 

New this year is the option to give monthly. If you are able to give $1/month, it will have an impact! If you are able to give more, it will have an impact. Every cent is a blessing. Click here to consider giving monthly.

No matter what additional challenges and expenses opening SGGS during the pandemic brought, we are joyful and proud to have our students coming into school everyday! If you are in a position to support our Saints Appeal this year, we deeply appreciate it. Otherwise, we will take your prayers for a successful campaign for our dear sweet school!