Guardian Angel Hall

Guardian Angel Hall

Home to our Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, IT Department, and the Office of Advancement, GAH, is a fun, colorful world full of enrichment and joy!

Junior Kindergarten

Saints in Junior Kindergarten begin and end their day with prayer. These students focus on educational fundamental building blocks. Fine motor skills, letter recognition, shapes, and colors are just the beginning. Students spend their time in educational play and routine building. Naps and snack time are held daily in the classroom, and bonding with older students through our Buddy Program is a key component to their educational journey.


Saints in Kindergarten begin and end their day with prayer. A solid foundation of sight words, math, and science is built in this grade. Students are encouraged to become more independent in their daily routine and are fully prepared for 1st grade as they learn to write in full sentences and read independently.