Why do people love SGGS? Let’s find out!

Congresswomen Jen Kiggans and Family | Parent

We chose St. Gregory the Great Catholic School over other schools in our area for the quality of education our children receive. SGGS not only prioritizes academics but also emphasizes religion, values, and good citizenship. Plus the teachers are top-notch and devoted to ensuring each student receives an amazing education! All four of our children have graduated from SGGS. They were incredibly prepared for high school because of the amazing study habits SGGS had developed. All four of our children, even the ones in college now, still keep in touch with the friends they made during their time at SGGS and we keep in touch with so many of our parent friends. SGGS has laid a solid foundation for our children that will serve them well in college and in life.

Melanie Sarmiento | Parent and Alumni

I have been part of the St. Gregory the Great community for as long as I can remember. Not only did I receive many of my sacraments here, including marrying my husband, but I am also an alumnus as well. As an alumnus, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that my children would also become alumni as well. There is nothing I would love more than for my boys to receive a Catholic education. The SGGS community is very welcoming and tight-knit, one that we are honored to be a part of. The teachers are amazing. They have left long-lasting impressions on my boys. My boys have had best friends since Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten. Friendships that I’m sure will last a lifetime. Although it can be a sacrifice to send my children to a private, Catholic school, it is one that is very well worth it!

Davis Family | Parents and Alumni

Our family roots run deep through the halls of SGGS. My sons, Colt & Gage Davis are 3rd generation Saints. Their father (Jeremy Davis) and I (Pamela Quartararo Davis) both attended SGGS through 8th grade. Jeremy’s uncles (John & Joe Neary) along with his mother also attended SGGS. His grandmother was a permanent volunteer.

So naturally, when deciding on a school for my oldest, Colt, my heart was drawn back to SGGS. Almost all of my childhood memories have this school in them. I met my best friends in 1st and 6th grade and we are best friends to this day. My favorite part about the school is the spirit of the staff and students. My boys are always proud to say they go to SGGS. They are taught respect, generosity, and kindness. This is my son Gages’ first year as a kindergartner and he just loves all of the activities they have at the school, pep rallies, Halloween Trunk or Treat, Santa Shop, etc… My oldest loves the friends he has made and the opportunity to play school sports. I would definitely 100% recommend SGGS to any of my friends, and I believe I have a few friends that have enrolled their children there. I see a real difference between the behavior of my children and the behavior of those that go to other schools. They both are very polite and respectful to others and can have a conversation with adults without feeling awkward. The boys love that their school cares about them. It makes them happy knowing that everyone there is rooting for their success and will help them in any way they can.

 Mr. and Mrs. Tobias and Sara Walters | Parent

Due to my husband’s career, our family has had the opportunity to move several times. Prior to our last move, our youngest son was attending a Catholic preschool that he enjoyed. He specifically requested to go to Catholic School and, based on his request, we researched several Catholic schools in the Virginia Beach area. SGGS was highly recommended by a friend. He put us in contact with the Blanco family who had two boys at SGGS, and we became certain that we wanted our family to join the SGGS community. We have been very impressed with Saint Gregory’s! Our children have been nurtured spiritually, developed great friendships, and learned so much from fantastic teachers. In the 4th grade, our son was in the Character and Etiquette Club, played soccer, and basketball, and ran track. The curriculum has challenged him on many different levels, and he has learned so much – including basic EE and algebra. Both our boys have participated in Cub Scouts, and we are grateful to the school and the church for the opportunities our children have had to learn about citizenship, the outdoors, and their faith, alongside their friends from class. When I asked our children why they think we chose Catholic school, our younger son said, “So that we can learn about God and Jesus.” Our older son said, “Because our friends are good people.” I couldn’t agree with them more!

Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Nikki Lawlor | Parent

Our daughter has been a student at SGGS since entering kindergarten in 2010, and she has thrived in the wonderful environment that SGGS offers each and every day. Before deciding on Saint Gregory’s, we explored other schools in the Virginia Beach area and determined that SGGS would provide the best all-around experience. Beyond the rigorous academics, SGGS offers a full range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, clubs, band, and concert choir that allow each student ample opportunity to excel beyond the classroom. Equally important, the SGGS Mission statement, “To evangelize the Good News of Jesus Christ in order to transform lives, hearts, and minds,” is more than words; it is practiced daily, and each student is encouraged to model the SGGS Vision, “To lead like a Saint.” We are so happy we chose Saint Gregory’s for our daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Jeanette Boze | SGGS Nurse and Parent

It has been such a gift to send our three children to Catholic School. We chose St. Gregory the Great School because we know our children are receiving spiritual guidance throughout their day, not just as they are studying from their religious curriculum. They are immersed in the teaching of Christ, whether they be in the classroom, the playground, the cafeteria, or in the gym. As they interact with their peers, their teachers, and other members of the staff and administration, they are not only permitted but ENCOURAGED, to proudly apply their Catholic values and beliefs. Because of their Catholic education, our children freely express their devotion to our Lord, and we know that the seeds of His love have been firmly planted.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Karen Hamel | Parent

Whether or not you’re family is new to the Hampton Roads area or a life-long resident, St. Gregory the Great Catholic School and Parish will welcome you with open arms. We have three children enrolled in the school from 4th grade through 7th grade. Nowhere else will you find the perfect combination of rigorous academic preparation, spiritual and religious training, as well as a wonderful faith-filled community. We have met some of our very best friends through the school and through our children’s friendships. We have had many opportunities to have our children attend other schools, and we wouldn’t think of entrusting their day-to-day academic and spiritual care to anyone else.