Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Our Volunteers Are VIPs

All opportunities to provide stewardship to the school are listed below. Also, as they become available throughout the school year they can be found in the Saints Weekly each Friday. The 25 hours of stewardship that every SGGS family must provide should be completed by providing goods and services outright through any opportunity listed below. Stewardship outside of the opportunities listed below may not replace the hours of stewardship to the school.

All stewardship hours must be entered into the FACTS SIS system by May 15, 2024. Additionally, parents may elect to fulfill up to 10 stewardship hours by donating items requested by the Advancement Office. Donated items are awarded 1 hour for every $10.00 spent, for a maximum of 10 hours. Food Pantry donations are not included in stewardship hours.

Families may elect to pay $325.00 by October 1, 2023, to fulfill stewardship hours and their two bingos for the 2023-24 school year. Families who do not complete their hours by May 15, 2024, will be charged $5.00 for every hour missing and $100.00 per missing bingo. 

Ongoing Opportunities

To volunteer for a classroom opportunity please contact the appropriate teacher directly.

Volunteer Expectations

  • All volunteers must complete VIRTUS training and their background screening information prior to volunteering at SGGS.
  • All volunteers are expected to maintain confidentiality as they operate in a position of trust. All volunteers will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • All volunteers are required to sign in and out at the main office.
  • All volunteers are expected to reflect an image appropriate for the SGGS environment. We ask you to please be mindful of your language, attitude, dress, and overall presentation. We hold our students to a high standard and expect the same from our parents.

Important Bingo Information

  • Unless you elected to pay to fulfill your stewardship commitment, each family is to volunteer at a minimum of two bingos during the 2023-24 school year. 
  • After a family has fulfilled their two bingo requirement, there is no limit to how many volunteer hours families may earn through helping with bingo.
    1. Bingo setup = 1 hour
    2. Bingo break down = 2 hours
    3. Working a bingo = 2-5 hours
  • Middle school students have the opportunity to volunteer as a food runner/server for the Snack Bar during bingo provided their parents also volunteer at bingo on those days. Frequently, students are tipped for their work. The families can determine whether the student will keep or donate their tips. Donated tips = students can count bingo towards their stewardship hours. Students who elect to keep any tips earned may not count bingo time towards stewardship hours.
  • Parents of students wishing to work at the Snack Bar must email Christine Opdyke or call 757-632-7244 within 24 hours of Bingo to volunteer or cancel. 
  • ALL adult volunteers MUST be Virtus trained to volunteer at Bingo, including substitutes.
  • Men’s Club Friday Night Bingo: Sign Up HERE
  • Men’s Club Friday Night Bingo Set Up and/or Clean Up: Sign Up HERE

Volunteer Requirements

The Diocese of Richmond requires that all employees, staff, clergy, and volunteers that work with children complete the Protecting God’s Children for Adults (VIRTUS) training session.  The link below will connect you to the Virtus website and will show the listing of training sessions. We are in the Richmond Diocese.  To register, click the Start Registration button and you will be prompted to create a user id and password and then continue with the registration process.  There is no charge for this training and it is approximately 3 hours long.  

VIRTUS training
For more information on Virtus training please contact Cheryl Delatte in the Main Office at You can also visit this site to learn more about the Protecting God’s Children for Adults program.   The current office of Safe Environment Staff at the Diocese of Richmond includes

Nazia Shafi – Safe Environment Director
Karen Loper – Victim Assistance Coordinator
Brianna Dickerson – Safe Environment Coordinator

Thank you for your cooperation with these procedures to help us ensure the safety of our students.

If you have any questions in regards to volunteer hours, please email