The new SGGS app is here!

We are so excited to announce that SGGS has partnered with FACTS SIS to create a new parent portal app exclusively for SGGS families! This app will replace the existing RenWeb app and not only mirror the desktop platform but it will offer easy one-touch access to :

  • Your FACTS finance account
  • School Calendar
  • Links to the school social media profiles
  • SGGS informational videos
  • School announcements
  • Grades Book
  • Lunch portals
  • Lesson Plans
  • Homework assignments
  • Student schedules
  • Report Cards

Where can I find the app?

The SGGS app is available in the Apple App Store as well as in the Google Play Store.

How do I find the app?

Finding your SGGS app is easy! Simply navigate to your app store of choice and type “SGGS VIRGINIA BEACH or “St Gregory the Great VB” in the search bar or scan the bar code below.

How much does the app cost?

NOTHING! This app is completely FREE!

What does the app look like?

The SGGS app has bright, fun icons for easy, one-touch access to your most-used links! Take a look!

How does the app work?

The new SGGS app mirrors the FACTS SIS parent portal. Anything posted on the parent portal will also show up in the new app as well as easy access to a variety of other features! Once you’ve downloaded the app be sure to log into your FACTS SIS account and all of your Saint’s information will auto populate. You will also be able to make payments, see your FACTS financial account, and check grades and schedules. It’s that easy!

How do I log in?

To log into the new SGGS app simply enter your previous login information from last year, if you are new to SGGS you should have received login credentials via email. If you are having login trouble, please email Mrs. Thompson.

The District Code is “SGG-VA.”

Do I have to download this app, can’t I just keep the old one?

You do not have to download this app, all of the information can still be found in the parent portal on your desktop platform. However, the old RenWeb app will no longer function after August 24th, 2020. If you have previously downloaded the paid version of the old app you may be charged $4.99 again by your provider unless you cancel and/or delete the app. Please check with your provider with any questions.

I can’t login! Help!

Having trouble logging in? Be sure that you are using the same username and password that you used last year and with the previous app and FACTS SIS desktop. Please do not create a new username and password! If you still cannot log in try resetting your password. IF the problem persists, please email Colleen Thompson.

When I click on “grades” I see that they are all disabled, why?

Once teachers begin to enter grades, they will automatically populate in the app. If you are seeing “disabled” next to a subject under your student’s profile that simply means your teacher has not entered any grades yet. Keep checking back!

Why can’t I click on any hyperlinks under “announcements?

the app developer, FACTS SIS, is currently working out a bug that will allow hyperlinks to show under the announcements section in the app, just as it does on the desktop platform. This should be working sometime in mid September.

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