Enriching Our Education

While focused on the core values and building blocks of education, SGGS understands the immeasurable value of arts and athletics. We offer a robust curriculum in art, ranging from basic studio art for our youngest Saints, all the way to 3D art for our Vianney Hall Saints. We also offer a variety of computer based technology classes. Beginning as young as 1st grade, students begin to learn basic typing as well as coding and computer skills. Classes such as Computer/Lego Animation are offered to our Vianney Hall Saints.

Physical Education classes are required from Kindergarten-8th grade. Students graduate with an extremely well rounded understanding of a variety of team sports and games as well as some dancing! Students are tested annually for the National Physical Fitness Test and are held to a high standard of excellence,

Music is an integral part of the Catholic Mass each week, and our students are very involved. Even if a Saint is not familiar with reading music or playing an instrument, they begin to learn as early as 1st grade. Students are introduced to basic rhythms and sounds, and by the time they reach 4th grade, will have the opportunity to join choir/show chorus and band.

SGGS has a state of the art and newly remodeled Library. Students visit weekly to gain a knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System as well as how a library works. Here students have access to over 20,000 titles. There are multiple computers and tablets available for student use.

SGGS recognizes that not all students learn in the same way or at the same pace. We offer a gifted pull out program (G.A.T.E.) as well as a pull out (Title 1) or push in (Pathways to Learning) that allow our teachers to work in small groups with students who might need a bit more one on one assistance.

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