Super Saints Raffle

We did it, Saints! Last year the Super Saints Raffle raised $118, 290.00! Over the last 12 years, we have raised $1,047, 303.00! That is incredible! Thank you to all of the volunteers and ticket sellers for helping SGGS make this happen!

What is the Super Saints Raffle?

The Super Saints Raffle is a calendar cash raffle that the Parent Teacher Guild hosts to raise money for Saint Gregory the Great School. Each person who purchases a $10 Super Saints Raffle ticket (on sale from September 1st – October 7, 2022) will have the chance to win cash every day during the month of November. We will give away cash prizes in the range of $100-$1,000 per day! All winning tickets are re-entered into the drawing, giving everyone 30 chances to win!

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Each family is asked to sell 30 tickets (enclosed in your packet).
Each ticket is to be sold for $10 each.

  • Immediately Sign and return FORM #1: Ticket Receipt Confirmation Form to your child’s teacher. This is required by state law to acknowledge you *received* the tickets.
  • When you sell a ticket: Please fill out all of the purchaser’s contact information on the “registration” side of the ticket, along with the student seller’s information. Carefully fold and remove the “calendar” side of the ticket and give it to the purchaser.
  • Return the “registration” side with payment (cash/check) (payable to SGGS PTG) in the enclosed white Ticket Return Envelope with the FORM #2: Seller Confirmation Form and send it to your child’s teacher. Again, this form is required by state law to acknowledge you *sold* the tickets. We encourage you to sell them in numerical order.

Please note it is required by state law that you return ALL tickets, sold or unsold, by October 6, 2023.

Sell 30 Tickets or MORE…

Families who sell 30 or more tickets will have a chance to win FREE Chick-Fil-A for a year or one of the following prizes:

  • Mr. Duesberry for the day
  • Ms. Lorri for the day
  • Principal for the day

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Individual Student Prizes

All students who turn in 10 tickets (per family) or more will receive:

Level 1 l | Family sells 10 Tickets
  • Special Surprise gift
  • Spirit Shirt Dress Down Pass
Level 2 | Family sells 20 Tickets
  • JK-5 Student wins a special surprise gift and a trip to the Super Saints Surprise Stash
  • 6th-8th Students wins a ticket to the Super Saints Surprise Ice Cream Social (Date TBA)
Level 3 | Family Sells 30 Tickets
  • Student wins special surprise gift
  • ULTIMATE Super Saints Dress Down Pass
Level 4 | Family Sells 50+ Tickets
  • Student wins special surprise gift, t-shirt, and a medal

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Special Prize Turn in Days!

Special Bonus Prizes can be won by turing in 10 sold tickets ON the following days!
Bonus Prizes will be delivered on Prize Delivery Days (Mondays).

  • September 8th | Chocolate chip cookie pass (date to be used TBD)
  • September 15th | Spirit T-shirt Dress Down Pass
  • September 22nd | A very special prize TBA the week of Sept. 18th
  • September 29th | Chick-Fil-A Milkshake Card
  • October 6th | Spirit T-shirt Dress Down Pass

Family Prizes

5th Place | DJ for a day on the
Z104 morning show!

Donated by Brandon (Shaggy) Stokes

4th Place | Family 4 pack to Ocean Breeze Waterpark

Donated by the Saint Gregory the Great Men’s Club

3rd Place | Skate Party at Haygood Skate Center

Donated by Haygood Skate Center

2nd Place | 4 season passes to
Busch Gardens in Williamsburg!

Donated by the Saint Gregory the Great Men’s Club

1st Place | Airline tickets to anywhere you want to go!
(Up to $2000 total value for all airline tickets)

Donated by Saint Gregory the Great Men’s Club and Alexandra Serrano, Realtor (

Classroom Prizes

Classes will also compete for grade-level prizes. Please note when your family turns in their sold tickets, ALL of your children’s homerooms will receive credit for the sold tickets. Classes who achieve 100% participation win the opportunity to partake in 5 special Super Saints Raffle Dress Down Days! Each class will have a class goal determined by the number of students in the class. 100% participation means the class achieves its class goal.

Top Selling classes per grade level: (Winning class will also receive 10 minutes extra recess, plus:
JK: Balloon party with Ryan the Balloon Guy
Kindergarten: Balloon party with Ryan the Balloon Guy
1st Grade: Balloon party with Ryan the Balloon guy
2nd-8th Grade: Kona Ice Truck Party

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Weekly Prize Drawings

Turn in 20 or more tickets in a given week and you will have a chance to win exciting prizes such as:

PrizesTurn in 20+ Tickets During the Following DatesDrawing will take place on
Week 1:
(2) Cinema Café movie passes
250 chips for Dave & Buster’s
Friday, September 1st-Wednesday, September 6thFriday, September 8th
Week 2:
(2) Cinema Café movie passes
(2) Passes to the Virginia Zoo
Thursday, September 7th – Friday, September 13thFriday, September 15th
Week 3
(2) 8 th Grade Graduation front row seats
(2) Cinema Café movie passes
Thursday, September 14th-Wednesday, September 20thFriday, September 22st
Week 4
(2) SGGS Athletics: One free registration for a winter or
spring sport
250 chips for Dave & Buster’s
Thursday, September 21st- Wednesday, September 27thFriday, September 29th
Week 5
(2) Cinema Café movie passes
Men’s Club Spaghetti Dinner pass for 4
Thursday, September 29th-Wednesday, October 5thFriday, October 7th

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Tickets must be turned in by 8:00 a.m. to count toward that week’s drawing.
Tickets will not carry over into the next weekly drawing. Good luck! Please support the following businesses that have kindly donated:
Cinema Cafe and Dave and the Virginia Zoo Busters

Saint Gregory the Great School Parent Teacher Guild

The Saint Gregory the Great School Parent Teacher Guild, comprised of parents, teachers, and faculty, collaborates with the parish and school community to ensure our students are receiving the best academic, physical, social, and religious education. One of the PTG objectives is to raise funds to benefit school programs and fulfill student needs. Proceeds from the Super Saints Raffle will benefit Saint Gregory the Great School.

Questions? Please contact us anytime at
Thank you for your continued support of Saint Gregory the Great