Santa Shop


Our Santa Shop team is here to help!

Santa Shop

Each year SGGS parent volunteers spend countless hours buying, organizing, setting up, and managing the Santa Shop, a week long deeply discounted shopping event that allows our Saints to purchase gifts for their friends and family. We offer items ranging from $1-$10 and amazing raffle items as well!

This one of a kind event ensures that all students have a chance to purchase gifts for their family, no one is ever left out.

Food donations are also collected and donated to the Saint Gregory Food Pantry.

We are so blessed to be able to share Santa Shop with you during this challenging year. Santa Shop has been a well loved tradition at SGGS for many years. Due to current restrictions regarding COVID things will look a little different. However, the Santa Shop team is working hard with faculty and staff to follow the guidelines, keep everyone safe, and still offer a fun Christmas shopping event to all of our wonderful saints!

Information for 2020

Dates: December 7th-14th
Location: Assembly Room

(Subject to change due to Covid-19 restrictions)

New guidelines to follow:

  1. Everyone will continue Covid
    precautions as per school
  2. We will implement a one way
    traffic pattern.
  3. Children may shop using their
    eyes and a volunteer will help
    them select their choice.
  4. Parents are allowed to shop
    only on Monday, the 14th, after dismissal.
    We will allow 10 parents at a
    time. **More information to come**
    (Information and dates subject to change to do Covid-19 restrictions, check back frequently for updated information.)

Food Pantry Donation

Please have your child drop your donation off at one of the
main offices, labeled with your child’s full name to get you FREE
raffle ticket!! Look for the Christmas wrapped box!

Items Needed

Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Dish Soap
Bath Soap

Know Before You Go!

Make your list and check it twice…..

  1. Send your children in with a shopping list.
  2. Send your children in with a LABELED
    ziplock bag with their money. Gifts range
    from $1-$12.
  3. Send your child in with a reusable shopping
    bag on the day they shop.
  4. Raffle tickets are .50 cents each with the
    exception of the teacher raffles, they are
    $1.00 each.
  5. Please bring in a food pantry donation and
    your child will get 1 free raffle ticket.
  6. Guess how many is FREE for a chance to
    win a gift card!


The Santa Shop is an annual tradition here at SGGS presented to all students, families, and
teachers by a few of Santa’s special helpers. It is a time for children to shop for their families
and give back to those who love them. It also challenges them to even do a little budgeting
and work on math skills while shopping! Although this year will look very different we are still very blessed to be able to still offer you this wonderful tradition.

Another way we are working hard to keep everyone safe is by offering a sneak peak of raffle items. You will be able to pre-purchase raffle tickets! We will still be able to allow raffle ticket purchases during the shop but we encourage you to use the pre-order option to purchase tickets to help us with social distancing and keeping the shop running as smooth as possible. Once you pre-order tickets your child will receive their tickets when they come into shop and choose which buckets to put their tickets in. 

Your child may earn a FREE raffle ticket from us if they bring in a food pantry donation. They
just need to bring in a food pantry donation to their classroom and notify their teacher. When
they arrive to shop, their teacher will let us know and they will get a FREE ticket on us!
All raffle tickets are .50 cents each and you may purchase as many as you would like. All raffle
sales will end on Friday, December 11 at noon. There are also three special raffle baskets for
our loving and hard working teachers, those tickets are $1.00 each. The teacher raffle baskets
help the teacher and the class. The teacher raffles include a treasure box basket, a classroom
supply basket and a Christmas treasure basket. So, don’t forget your teacher! It can be for a
special teacher in the past, your current teacher, or both!

Take a look at this year’s raffle baskets!

Want to help make the day of one of our amazing teachers? Put your bid in for one of our teacher baskets!