Scholastic Book Fair

Welcome to the Scholastic Book Fair | 2021

The Scholastic Book Fair will be on campus the week of February 14, 2021-the week of March 31, 2021! In order to stay within current Covid guidelines there are a variety of ways that you can shop this year’s book fair. The great news is that no matter how you shop you will be supporting the SGGS Library!

This image was taken Pre-Covid 19.

How Can I Shop the Book Fair This Year?

The book fair will launch with a virtual store on February 14th. Students and families can shop from their device via the online store.

Beginning February 22nd, students will be able to preview the book fair during their regular library time at school. They can create wishlists to bring home.

The week of March 1st, students can bring in money to purchase from their wishlist during their regular library time.

How Does the Book Fair Help SGGS?

When you purchase books or other items through the Scholastic Book Fair a portion of your total is given back to the school library! Shopping in person equates to the greatest percentage back to the school, followed by the virtual fair. Any amount is a great help to our Saints, though.

You can also search your teacher’s wish list and purchase a book to be donated to their classroom library! This is a great way to give back not only to your child’s current teacher but also to one they may have had in the past.

How Do I Pay?

Great news! There are multiple options for payment. Should you choose to shop online you can also pay online via credit card. If you shop on site in the SGGS Library you can pay with cash, credit card, check (made payable to SGGS) or new this year, eWallet! eWallet is an exciting new feature that allows student’s the opportunity to budget and spend money with their own “credit card.” Parents or friends and family can add funds to the account at any time allowing your Saint to be in control.

What if I Have Questions!

The SGGS Librarian, and all knowing Scholastic guru, Mrs. Grosz is here to help should you have any questions at all! Feel free to send her an email!

This image was taken pre-Covid19.

Looking for more? Check out the interactive Scholastic Book Flyers, here!