A Message from Our Principal

Welcome to St. Gregory the Great School!

We are excited that you are considering the wonderful learning community at SGGS! Our school is focused on helping all students grow academically, spiritually, and socially. We believe in respecting the differences of each student’s learning style, and that students must be encouraged to become life-long learners, active citizens within society, and in serving others as God calls us to do each day.

All students entering our school are provided with a safe, nurturing environment that strives to meet their individual needs on a daily basis. Our classroom instruction is student-centered, where all students represent a diverse community of learners who seek to be challenged to do their best on a daily basis. Academics are rigorous and aligned with Diocesan consensus curriculum expectations. Teachers in partnership with parents are facilitators of many wonderful learning opportunities so that students experience meaningful personal growth each and every day.

St. Gregory the Great School seeks to involve the community at-large in the learning process, recognizing that local resources are fundamental and must be utilized to promote success throughout a school community. Our students are involved in service within the schoolhouse as Student Ambassadors and Peer Buddies, throughout the local community and beyond while participating in good works such as the local food pantry and in supporting those in need. Our students are challenged, “to lead like Saints,” guided in understanding that we are all called to live our faith daily and to, “…serve as Jesus served.”

We invite all students and their families to share in the faith journey together at Mass and at many scheduled events throughout the school year. We seek to instill in students who come from Catholic families the importance of attending and supporting the Church regularly. We look forward to meeting and sharing with you the St. Gregory the Great School educational experience. Thank you for your consideration and support of our school. We look forward to a successful year of nurturing your children in the tradition of Catholic Education.

Believe always,

J. Branco, Ed. S.
Be a light for all to see! Mt. 5:16