Picture Day

What will Picture Day look like?

Picture Day will take place in the Gym throughout the day. Students will come at an assigned time with their class for their individual portraits. Students will receive a QR code that when scanned will take parents to a picture portal, register your email address and you will receive an email when your images have been loaded into your portal! If you have questions regarding this process please click here.

What do I wear for Fall Pictures?

Students in all grades should wear their full dress uniform for both individual portraits as well as class pictures. Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for any questions. Hair should be neatly combed and presentable. Parents, please note that due to scheduling some younger students will be having their pictures taken after recess. It is important to remind them to try and have their hair neat and their uniform straight, on their own as we are limited in how much we can assist them.

Who is having their picture taken and when?

August 29, 2023
Students in Junior Kindergarten-7th Grade will have their pictures taken on September 30th. Students in 8th grade will not have their individual portraits taken on this day but they WILL have their class pictures taken. All students should be in full dress uniform on this date. A schedule will be emailed to teachers.

October 17, 2023
8th Grade students will have their graduation portraits taken, gowns will be worn but students should still be in full dress uniform.

Class pictures will also be taken on this day. ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BE IN DRESS UNIFORM.

Fall Pictures

SGGS partners with Candid Color Photography for school and athletic pictures. Candid Color has been working in the Hampton Roads area for several years in both school portraits as well as sports and team pictures. Fall pictures will be on October 17, 2023, for students in grades JK-7. Students should be in full dress uniform for these portraits.

Fall Makeup Pictures and Retakes

All students in Junior Kindergarten-7th grade will have the opportunity to retake or make up missed yearbook pictures on October 17, 2023. Students taking pictures on this day must be in full dress uniform. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Thompson.

8th Grade Graduation Portraits

8th grade students will have their graduation portraits taken on October 17, 2024. Students should be in full dress uniform and decorative cords (SCA, NJHS, Flag Detail, etc) should be worn if applicable.

Spring Pictures

All students are invited to have their portrait taken but it is not required. Students wishing to have their picture taken may wear their Sunday best (no jeans). A date will be announced as we draw closer.

Returning this year: Sibling pictures (Spring only)!

If you would like to have a portrait taken of all of your Saints together, you got it! If you have siblings that will be taking a portrait together please note that it is for immediate families only please: no cousins, best friends, neighbors, parents, etc.) If you have any questions please email Mrs. Thompson

How do I order my child’s pictures?

Great news! You can choose to preorder your child’s pictures or you can wait until you received your proofs. To Pre-order simply follow the steps below.

  • Scan the QR code on the paper your child brings home
  • enter your email address
  • you will receive an email when your child’s pictures are loaded in the portal


  • Visit http://www.candidcolor.net
  • Click “underclass” and click “2023-2024”
  • Enter code: SGGPREPAY
  • Follow on-screen instructions

Please note: Prepay is open for a limited time after picture day. You DO NOT have to prepay to order pictures. Once your child’s image has been loaded into the portal you will be able to personalize and order prints.

IMPORTANT-What if I didn’t preorder?

Not to worry! Pictures do not have to be pre-ordered! When your child comes home from Picture Day they will have a piece of paper with a QR Code that is specific to their portrait. Simply scan this QR Code and you will be directed to the ordering page. You will be prompted to input your email address. If you do not see your child’s portrait yet that means that it is still processing and you will receive an email notification when it is ready.

How do I find my child’s Student ID number?

New this year, student ID numbers are required to preorder your child’s portrait. To locate your child’s ID follow these simple steps.

  • Log into RenWeb from an internet browser
  • Select “family” from the left side menu
  • From the screen select your child’s name
  • Locate your child’s ID. number under their picture

I can’t find my child’s picture! Help!

If you did not scan the QR or lost it you can request access to the picture by clicking here. If you received your email or have the access code and you are still unable to view your child’s picture please contact Candid Color Photography Customer Service or call 703-590-0187 directly for assistance.

And Remember, Saints…