Used Uniform Closet Guidelines

Thank you for shopping at the SGGS Used Uniform Closet. Cash and checks are accepted, but small bills are appreciated. There will be set limits on items, such as:

  • two khaki pants
  • two khaki skorts
  • two khaki shorts
  • two polos
  • one dress jumper
  • one mass sweater
  • one tie
  • one belt
  • one white dress shirt
  • two gym shirts
  • two gym shorts
  • two sweat pants
  • two crew neck gym sweatshirts
  • one zip up hoodie
  • one fleece
  • one rain jacket, etc

as supplies permit, per student per sale.

All parents/caregivers are expected to follow uniform guidelines as instructed in the parent/student handbook such as skort or shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.  All khaki pants must be straight cut, no skinny or bell bottom styles, no ruffles, bows or embellishments.  

Please be prepared with a list and possibly your child present to try items on.  Be patient because most likely there will be a long line. And most importantly, please be respectful of other parents.  

The Used Uniform Closet cannot run without your donations! Please continue to send in your gently used uniform items to the main office during office hours.